Gamedev Beatdown is a Narrative driven 2D Turn Based game with rougelite elements. If you’ve ever wondered what gamedev was actually like, if you remove all the myth, the glamour, the rose-tinted glasses, you’re left with a bunch of professionals who just want to get their job done. It’s never so simple, though.

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Start a studio and deal with problems inspired by real-world experiences. You’ll quickly find that making games is, contrary to popular belief, not all fun and games.

• Build your own Studio from scratch.

• Hire, equip, and manage your teams.

• Fight over real, real-adjacent, & a few entirely fabricated day-to-day problems Game Devs face.

• Fight with your colleagues to make sure your decisions shape the game over theirs all the while making sure your stress levels remain under control.


QYJO is an indie studio of two professionals who quit their jobs to make games the way they always felt they should be made – With an abundance of poorly timed, poorly executed, & outdated jokes.